Who Was Nostradamus? Best Psychic or scam artist ?

Nostradamus was born Michel de Nostredame in Saint Remy de Provence in France. Not much is known about Nostradamus’ childhood. It is believed that his maternal great-grandfather was in charge of his education. His birth date is believed to be December 14th, 1503. As a psychic, his predications have fascinated millions worldwide. But who was he ?
Nostradamus became a student at the University of Avignon when he was 15. Students were taught about grammar, rhetoric and logic. The university had to close due to an outbreak of the plague and Nostradamus spent eight years wandering throughout the country and learning about folk medicine. He eventually went back to school and obtained a doctorate in medicine in 1529. The University of Montpellier had to expel him shortly after he obtained his degree since he had been offering his services as an apothecary, something that was frowned upon by doctors at the time.

Nostradamus got married in 1531. It is believed that his wife’s name was Henriette d’Encausse but historians are not sure. He had two children with her but his wife and children died in 1534, probably from an outbreak of the plague.There is evidence that he worked on reducing plague outbreaks during the 1540s. He married a widow in 1547 and had six children with her. There is evidence that Nostradamus invested in the construction of a canal to irrigate the Salon De Provence area.


Live and Works
Nostradamus wrote an almanac in 1550. This book is the first instance of the Latin version of his name. The book was very popular and Nostradamus started writing almanacs every year. Each almanac included a calendar and some prophecies. Nostradamus became popular thanks to his almanacs. People started sending requests for horoscopes and prophecies. In 1555, Nostradamus wrote a collection of quatrains. The quatrains were written mostly in French and would become his most famous work. He decided to use a mixture of languages for some of his quatrains to make his message difficult to understand.
Nostradamus’ prophecies were appreciated by the elite but some readers thought that his prophecies were fake or that he was evil. The wife of King Henry II, Catherine de Medicis believed in the prophecies and summoned Nostradamus to come to Paris and explain the prophecies he wrote about the royal family. Catherine de Medicis eventually made him counselor and physician to her son, who would become King Charles IX.
Nostradamus suffered from grout throughout his entire life. The condition slowly turned into dropsy. Nostradamus had a lawyer write a will for him. He left all his belongings to his wife and children. On July 1st, 1566, Nostradamus told his secretary that he would not last the night. He was found dead in the morning and was buried at a Franciscan chapel in Salon De Provence.


His legacy
Nostradamus is remembered for his prophecies. Even though interpretations differ and some of his writings are difficult to understand, most of his prophecies are about plagues, wars, murders and other disasters. A large number of prophecies talked about a Muslim invasion in Europe. He wrote that the Antichrist would be leading this invasion. These prophecies correspond to the invasion by the Ottomans during Nostradamus’ lifetime.
Some prophecies referred to events that were taking place at the time where Nostradamus was writing but some quatrains were more enigmatic. Some of his prophecies are believed to be about events such as Great Fire of London, Napoleon, World War II or the 9/11 attacks. However, Nostradamus sent a letter to the King of France stating that his predictions were about Europe, North Africa and some parts of Asia, which directly contradicts some interpretations of his prophecies, including the one about 9/11.
Some individuals are able to connect the prophecies written by Nostradamus with world events. However, not all prophecies can be matched with things that happened. Nostradamus actually developed his own system to add dates to some of his quatrains, which makes interpreting these prophecies easier. However, a good number of quatrains that included a date do not correspond to any events that happened at that time.
It is probably that Nostradamus’ reputation as a seer is based on the prophecies he made about events that were occurring while he was writing. Other events should have been fairly easy to predict thanks to logic. Some quatrains are vague enough that they could be interpreted as events that actually happened by someone who truly wants to find this specific meaning in these quatrains.There are no instances of a quatrain actually predicting a future event in a clear manner. Some will argue that Nostradamus managed to predict a lot of future events but looking closely at the quatrains in question will reveal that Nostradamus never made an exact prediction.

The End of the World ?
Nostradamus is often credited with predicting the end of the world for 2012. Even though the rumor quickly spread, there are actually no quatrains that refer to the world ending in 2012. Nostradamus actually wrote in the preface to his book that he had written prophecies until the year 3797. However, he did not specified if the world would end in 3797 or not.
In the end, Nostradamus is a fascinating figure of the 16th century. He might not have been a prophet or a seer but the success of his books shows that people have always have a strong interest in horoscopes and predictions.

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